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December 27, 2013
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It’s 6:00 am, I lay on my bed, motionless. Staring at my dull white-grey ceiling, wondering if it was worth getting up to wake my sister.

Finally making my decision, I get up, and tip-toe to Alice’s bedroom door. I gently open the door a crack, releasing a soft squeak, silently, I go to my sister. She was facing the wall. I sink to my knees and gently shake her shoulders,

“Al, wake up. I’m bored…” I whisper to her ear.

No response. I waited a few seconds and shake her shoulders again, only a bit harder.

“Al… Don’t ignore me…”


“Alice…!” I’m shaking her with both my hands now.

I turn her around and let out a yelp of horror…

My sister’s beautiful blue eyes are bloodshot, staring blindly at me. Her soft lips stuck in a snarl of agony. I bring her to the floor with me.

All I could do is cry and stare at her helplessly. I cradle her in my arms and stroke her cheek with my thumb as my silent sobs drop tears on her once rosy cheeks.

“M-MUM!” I call out through the tears, desperation in my voice. “D-DAD!”

I hug her as my parents burst into the room.

And the most horrid thing came to  my mind.

Someone murdered my sister.

ChrisPanda1406 Dec 28, 2013  Student Digital Artist


ChrisPanda1406 Dec 27, 2013  Student Digital Artist

Making comic of it mow

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